It’s one of those things you must have if you want an online presence.  There’s quite a number of different platforms and providers depending on your degree of techiness and the size of your cashflow.  You can even get setup and running a basic blog or site for free, if you don’t mind labels or limited options.  Then again, who wants someone else’s brand plastered all over their website?  I mean, is that really worth it?  While I can’t answer that question for you, what I can say is that I like my stuff to represent me and my brand, so soon I’ll transition over to a paid service.  I’ve chosen Green Geeks.  Not only  do they offer great service at great prices, they are also a “Green” company.  I invite you to check them out.  I’ve used Green Geeks Hosting and reseller services in the past and was very happy with them.  NO down time, no problems.  Everything just worked – and that’s how it should be!


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