I was born and raised a country girl, never having much use for the city or anything it could offer.  I have spent many of my years struggling to prove that intelligence doesn’t necessarily have a degree attached to it; and that perseverance and perspective are good things when used properly.

Writing has always been a source of passion for me.  I am captivated by the whole process, from the moment the idea enters my mind, to when the final draft has been finished.  As I write, I disappear into the world that I am creating and become the characters in my story.  They become as real as I am. There is something rather enchanting about that – getting lost within a world that doesn’t, but could exist.

I enjoy sharing my stories and hope that others find joy and perhaps even a little inspiration from them, and if nothing else, have been able to disappear into another world even if just for a short time.

Published works include: As With the Time, As With the Wind (Poetry) and A Walk Around the Neighborhood (Pictorial).

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