Sarah’s life was in turmoil. Haunted by memories of the past and plagued by an abusive husband who takes pleasure in her pain. Sarah fights for survival. Her only escape is in the memories she documented within the covers of a faded leather-bound journal.

Love isn’t always what it seems.


“This is a novella, reminiscent of the short/long story style of Anton Chekhov with economy of words in its descriptions of people, places and events. It is difficult to read at times due to the pain, suffering and confusion that the protagonist Sarah has to endure. I also believe that this novella is a valuable read for anyone who has gone or is going through an abusive relationship. Its precepts give the reader encouragement and shed light on the hope for better things to come!”  -Amazon Review
“This is this author’s first ‘novel’ – more of a novella. It is concise and keeps you interested from page one all the way through. Her descriptive detail really draws you in and although fiction – she could easily be recounting a real story – it’s that on point. Overall – awesome! Everyone should read this book! ”  -Goodreads Review

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Other Details

ISBN:  149599533X


Print Pages:  99


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